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Greek settlers first planted vineyards in Italy sometime around 800BC. Since then, wine has been entrenched in the Italian culture, 'as common as water on the dinner table'. Most of the topography in Italy, about four fifths, is perfect for growing grapes, because of the hilly and mountainous features. These features helped Italy produce 20% of the worlds wine in the nineties (580 million hectoliters).


Franciacorta / Lombardia

This northern Italian region borders the Balkans. Cool air drifts down from the Alps, encouraging an excellent level of acidity in the grapes. To the east, the Adriatic Sea moderates the cool temperatures, allowing the grapes to develop rich, fresh fruit characters. A number of grape varieties grow in Fruili, white wines range from light and crisp to full-bodied and dry, to sweet and fragrant. Pinot Grigio flourishes in Fruili and one can discover excellent...



Alba - Sunny valley of the Piedmont region famous for it's dry, fertile soil and sunny climate, perfect for the production of grapes.

Asti -

Barbaresco - Although a smaller region than its neighbor, Barbaresco has been highly sought after since the 1960s and 1970s when Gaja and Giacosa started producing powerful wines with fantastic complexity. Like Burgundy, this region is divided into small plots with big variations in quality; single-vineyard bottlings are common

Barolo -

Langhe -


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