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Alba Vineyard Consultinglba Vineyard Consulting LLC is a marketing services company focused entirely on the wine distribution market in the USA. AVC helps vineyards and wine exporters find the right market access in the US market.

The US market for wines and alcohol distribution is very complex and changes from state to state. AVC works with producers and importers to bring their wines to the market in several of the key US states.

The breadth of experience in AVC allows us to help our clients in developing their strategy for selling wines in the US. From US demographic analysis and market selection to the logistics starting at the producersí location, AVC has a depth of experience and knowledge to bring your wines to a large and growing market.

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AVC also works with online and traditional retailers seeking to extend their customer-reach by using tools such as web-marketing and website management, print marketing and call-centers.

Alba Vineyards is near New York City, a city with a metro area that is the home to one of the largest and richest populations of the world. The management of AVC works from New York as well as from France and Italy where it has an historic presence.

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